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The 800 MHz processor, since it checks values 800 million times per second (twice as many as the 400 MHz processor).

(However, if the processors are different types there are other factors besides clock speed that determine how much each processor can do in a second.)

Advantages of Binary Representation 4: Representing Anything

Recall that last advantage of binary:

Since data of all kinds is stored in computer memory (main and secondary) using the same electronic methods, this means that endless perfect copies can be made of any type of data or program.

This idea is that any system of symbols can be translated into bit patterns. An example is how English characters are represented as eight-bit patterns. The agreement about what patterns represent what characters is called ASCII. The hardware and the software of a computer system (usually) follow this agreement when the data is "text". (You will learn more about this later). Other types of data (non-character data) are represented using other methods.


Can characters from alphabets other than English be represented?