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Is Int a primitive data type?


No—it is not on the list of primitive data types (the word that starts with a small "i" is on the list: int). Remember that Java is case sensitive.


All data in Java falls into one of two categories: primitive data and objects. There are only eight primitive data types. However, Java has many types of objects, and you can invent as many others as you need. Any data type you invent will be a type of object.

Primitive Data and Objects

Much more will be said about objects in future chapters (since Java is a object oriented programming language). The following is all you need to know, for now:

A (crude) analogy is that a primitive data value is like a nut or a bolt, but an object is like a whole machine. If you want to learn more about objects right away, it would not hurt to jump ahead to the Chapter On Objects and read a few pages.


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