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HasNext Methods

When the "rats" is encountered, hasNextInt() will return false and the loop (and program) will end gracefully. (The phrase "end gracefully" is what programmers say when they mean that a program ends as intened, not an unintended crash accompanied by error messages.)

There are several hasNext methods that are usually used along with their corresponding next methods. The table shows several:

Methods of Scanner
HasNext MethodReading Method
hasNext() next()
hasNextDouble() nextDouble()
hasNextFloat() nextFloat()
hasNextInt() nextInt()
hasNextLine() nextLine()
hasNextLong() nextLong()

Usually your programs will use the methods for int and double, and the hasNext() and next() methods. These last two methods work with tokens which are groups of any characters delimited (surrounded) by one or more spaces.


Does calling a hasNext() method consume any data from the file?