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The x value and the y value of each point is the same.

The equals() Method

The equals() method is defined for class Point to perform this test:

pointA.equals( pointB )   —— returns true if the two points
                             contain equivalent data

The example program shows this:

import java.awt.*;
class EqualsDemo
  public static void main ( String arg[] )
    Point pointA = new Point( 7, 99 );    // first Point
    Point pointB = new Point( 7, 99 );    // second Point with equivalent data

    if ( pointA.equals( pointB ) )
      System.out.println( "The two objects contain the same data: " + pointA );
      System.out.println( "The two objects are not equivalent: " + pointA + 
          " differs from" + pointB);     



What is the output of this program? (You might wish to copy-paste-and-run this program to check your answer.)