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String ring = "One ring to rule them all, "
String find = "One ring to find them."
ring = ring + find;


No. The String objects don't change. The reference variable ring is changed in the third statement to refer to a different String than originally. (Its original String becomes garbage, which is collected by the garbage collector.)

The Length of a String

The length of a string is the number of characters it contains, including space characters and punctuation. For example:

String length
"element" 7
"x" 1
"" 0
"Look Homeward" 13
" Look Out " 13

An empty string has length zero. The length() method of a String returns its length:

public int length(); 

The method takes no parameters, but the () is needed when it is used.


Inspect the following code:

String stringA = "Alphabet " ;
String stringB = "Soup" ;
String stringC = stringA + stringB;

System.out.println( stringC.length() ) ;

What does the code print?