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The constructor must be named Car, the same as the name of the class.

Constructor Parameter List

The constructor is used when an object is constructed. Most of the work in constructing an object is automatically done by the Java system. Usually you need to write only a few statements that initialize a instance variables. The constructor for Car will initialize the three variables of the object. Here is the class definition, with the constructor partially finished:

class Car
  // instance variables
  double startMiles;   // Stating odometer reading
  double endMiles;     // Ending odometer reading
  double gallons;      // Gallons of gas used between the readings

  // constructor
  Car(  ,  ,    )


  // methods


The parameter list of a constructor looks like this:

dataType parameterName , dataType parameterName ,  and so on

Each dataType is the type of one item of data that will be handed to the constructor, and each parameterName is a name that is used for that item of data.


Fill in the blanks in the parameter list. The data type of each parameter should match the data type of an instance variable. The names of the parameters are up to you.