<applet code="Poem.class"  width="250" height="200">


Sometimes browsers are not set up for applets, or have other problems. If your browser does not show applets try using the appletviewer application. This is in the same directory as java and javac and is more reliable for viewing your applets than a Web brower. However, appletviewer displays only the applet part of an HTML file. The other parts (if any) are omitted.

Appletviewer is run from the command prompt window. If javac and java have been working, then the following should work:

C:/>appletviewer AnotherHello.html

Be sure to use the same upper and lower case charaters that are in the file name. Include the same file extension ".html" as the file uses. Here is appletviewer on a Windows system:

appletviewer in action

You may get some warning messages about appletviewer properties. Ignore them.


Can appletviewer be used with ordinary html files?