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Yes, it certainly would.

For Statement

Java has a for statement which combines all three aspects of a loop. It looks like this:

for ( initialize ; test ; change )
  loopBody ;

The initialize, test , and change are expressions that (usually) perform the named action. The loopBody can be a single statement or a block statement. Here is an example of a for statement:

//   initialize;     test;     change
for ( count = 0;  count < 10; count++ )
  System.out.print( count + " " );

It does the same thing as this loop built using a while statement:

count = 0;                             // initialize
while (  count < 10 )                  // test
  System.out.print( count + " ");
  count++ ;                            // change

The variable count in both loops is the loop control variable. (A loop control variable is an ordinary variable used to control the actions of a looping structure.) Remember that count++ has the same effect as count = count + 1.


What is the output of both loops?