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strArray[1] = "World" ;    

Length of an Array

Recall these facts about all arrays:

  1. Each element of an array is of the same type.
    • In the example, each element is of type "reference to String".
  2. The length of an array (the number of cells) is fixed when the array is created.
    • In the example, the array is length 8.

Frequent Bug: It is easy to confuse the length of an array with the number of cells that contain a reference. In the example, only two cells contain references to Strings, but strArray.length will be 8.

Here is a section of code that declares and constructs the array, and puts some more Strings into it:

String[] strArray = new String[8] ;  // combined statement

strArray[0] = "Hello" ;
strArray[1] = "World" ;
strArray[2] = "Greetings" ;
strArray[3] = "Jupiter" ;


Must all the Strings in the array be of the same length?