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String data = new String("Turtle");
data = data + 's' ;


Yes. The last statement constructs a new String, that contains the characters "Turtles", and places a reference to the new String in the reference variable data.

String Objects are Immutable

String objects are immutable which means that once a String has been constructed, it never can be changed. This has many advantages in making programs understandable and reliable. For example, if a method has a reference to a String, that String will always contain the same characters, no matter what other methods are called and what they do. For this reason, a program that does only a moderate amount of character manipulation should do it all using class String.

Examine the following program:

public class Immutable

  public static void mysteryMethod( String data )
    . . . .

  public static void main ( String[] args )
    String str = "An Immutable String" ;
    mysteryMethod( str );
    System.out.println( str );


What does the main() method of this program print out?