Is Nissan a child of Automobile? Yes.
Is Nissan the parent of Sentra? Yes.

Relative Terms

A class may be the parent for a child class and may be a child of another class. Just as with human relationships, a person is a child of some humans and a parent to others. The syntax for deriving a child class from a parent class is:

class childClass extends parentClass
   // new characteristics of the child class go here

You have already seen this in creating applets:

class yourApplet extends JApplet
  // new characteristics of your applet go here

The characteristics of applets are inherited from the base class JApplet. This base class contains the details of working with Web browsers, with setting up graphics, and many other things. You get all that automatically by inheritance. All you do is add the additional characteristics you want.


(Thought question:) Can a parent class be one of your own classes (not a predefined class like JApplet)?