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The blanks are filled in below:

Blanks filled In

class ButtonFrame extends JFrame implements ActionListener
  JButton bChange ;

  // constructor   
  public ButtonFrame(String title) 
    super( title );
    setLayout( new FlowLayout() );  

    bChange = new JButton("Click Me!"); 
    add( bChange ); 
    setDefaultCloseOperation( JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE );    
  // listener method required by the interface
  public void actionPerformed( ActionEvent evt)
     . . . . . .

In this style of GUI programming, one object (the ButtonFrame object) is playing two roles: it is the container object that holds a GUI component, and it is also the listener object for that component.

Implementing ActionListener is not enough. The listener must still be registered with the JButton.


(Review: ) What does registering a listener do?