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getName() and getValue()

Assume that the slider has a name you have set using setName(). The name of the slider is a string that is stored as part of its data. To ask the slider for its name use:

String getName()

Then, to get the value of the slider use

int getValue()

The value is an int between the minimum and maximum value of the slider.


Here is part of a program that has two sliders and a text field for each. Fill in the blanks so that when a slider changes its value the value is written it the correct text field.

JSlider    sliderA;
JTextField textA;
JSlider    sliderB;
JTextField textB;
public void stateChanged( ChangeEvent evt )
  JSlider source;
  source = (JSlider)evt.getSource();
  if ( source.().equals("sliderA") )
    textA.setText( source. + " " );
  if ( source.().equals("sliderB") )
    textB.setText( source. + " " );