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Yes, since FileWriter inherits from OutputStreamWriter.

Example Program

This example program constructs a FileWriter stream. Doing so also creates a disk file in the current directory, named reaper.txt. Some calls to the write() method write characgters to the disk file, and then the file is closed.

import java.io.*;

class WriteTextFile

  public static void main ( String[] args ) throws IOException
    String fileName = "reaper.txt" ;

    FileWriter writer = new FileWriter( fileName );

    writer.write( "Behold her, single in the field,/n"  );  
    writer.write( "Yon solitary Highland Lass!/n"  );  
    writer.write( "Reaping and singing by herself;/n" );  
    writer.write( "Stop here, or gently pass!/n"  );  


The next pages explain the details. For now, save the program to a file and run it. Note: each time you run the program it will delete any existing file named reaper.txt and create a new one. You might wish to check that the 20 page report that you wrote last night is not named reaper.txt.


How can you confirm that the program creates a new file?